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Federal Election 7 September 2013

Warren Truss To Become New Deputy Prime Minister

Victor P Taffa

Warren Truss To Become New Deputy Prime Minister

Federal Liberal Leader Tony Abbott and Federal Nationals Leader have swept the Rudd Government out in a comprehensive electoral rout of the Labor Party and will form a Liberal-National Coalition Government.

As polls closed at 6.00 pm it soon became apparent that voters around the nation made sure that there would be no repeat of the 2010 Election that resulted in a Hung Parliament.





The Federal Election that was originally announced for 14 September by then Prime Minister Julia Gillard on 30 January 2013 and changed to 7 September 2013 by restored Prime Minister Kevin Rudd became the longest running soap opera that rivalled a story line from television soap opera Days of Our Lives.

As Opinion Poll after Opinion Poll were published month after month it was obvious that the Labor Party was heading for the Opposition Benches.

The Plan by Labor Party powerbrokers to reinstall Kevin Rudd to the leadership to save some seats failed dismally as the outcome of the election has proved. The Labor Party may have appeared to resemble what is a credible level of Parliamentary Seats however the primary vote of Labor is the lowest in over 100 years.

Having white anted Prime Minister Julia Gillard for 3 years and returning to the Prime Ministership it is time for Kevin Rudd to ‘Hang up his boots’ and quit Parliament as soon as all seats have been officially declared. Kevin Rudd must resign his seat of Griffith as soon as possible. His Liberal National Party rival Bill Glasson is more than eminently qualified to sit in Parliament following the Griffith By-Election.

New South Wales voters had to endure for 10 years a Premier who sat back and did not build the Railway Lines that are needed. Former Premier Bob Carr has reportedly announced that he will leave the Senate as he should. Bob Carr was drafted in by then Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

The only notable achievement of Former Premier Peter Beattie was to introduce the tilt train for Queensland. Peter Beattie has failed to win the seat of Forde. Sitting Liberal National Member Bert van Manen has been returned to office.

The National Party has won the seats of Lyne, New England and Page. High Profile Independent Members Rob Oakeshott in Lyne and Tony Windsor in New England retired from the Parliament which resulted in large National Party wins in both seats.

The outcome of the 2013 Federal Election is not final at this stage. Counting continues for both the House of Representatives and the Senate. However the makeup of the House Of Representatives is likely to be:

                                     Old*                New


Labor                           72                    57

Liberal                         44                    58

LNP                             21                    20

CLP                             1                      1

National                      7                      10

Greens                         1                      1

Independent                4                      1

Katter Party                0                      1

Palmer United             0                      1

Total Seats             150                  150

LNP: Liberal National Party

CLP: Country Liberal Party

*2010 Election Result


Federal Nationals Leader Warren Truss

Federal Nationals Leader Warren Truss



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