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Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott

Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has released his 12 Point Plan ahead of the 2010 Federal Election.

12  Point Plan

Federal Election 2010

Victor P Taffa


1. Restore the Budget Surplus within three years and start paying Labor’s Debt

This will put downward pressure on interest rates and protect our standard of living. It will help to ensure that current and future generations of Australians will not be burdened by unnecessary debt and unnecessarily high debt interest payments.

2. End Labor’s Waste and Restore Cabinet Government

Labor has wasted too much taxpayers’ money. The Coalition won’t repeat Labor’s disastrous ‘pink batts’ program. The Coalition will also stop the billions of dollars being wasted through the ‘school halls’ program, and cut spending on government advertising. Bad processes produce bad decisions. Unlike Labor where decisions are made without proper process or consultation, the Coalition will restore the decision-making processes of Cabinet to restore integrity to government decision-making.

3. Reject Labor’s massive new Mining Tax and other taxes that hurt Productivity

This will help maintain Australia’s competitiveness in the global marketplace. It will deliver long-term security to businesses and their employees who have long been in the engine room of Australia’s strong economic growth and prosperity.

4. End Government Discrimination Against Small Business

The Coalition will ensure more government work for small businesses and introduce new rules to ensure the government pays its bills to small business on time. This will give small business the opportunity to grow and employ more Australians.

5. Enforce Strict Border Security and Control

The Coalition will maintain rigorous offshore processing of those arriving illegally by boat, reintroduce temporary protection visas (to deprive people-smugglers of a product to sell) and be ready, where possible, to turn boats back.

6. Link Population Growth to the Provision of Better Infrastructure

The Coalition will set immigration numbers on the basis of economic and environmental sustainability.

7. Take Direct Action on Water and the Environment

The Coalition will provide holistic management of the whole Murray-Darling water system so that water can be distributed fairly and equitably among all those people who depend upon it. The Coalition is the only major political group with a clear policy to address climate change – our Emissions Reduction Fund will purchase abatements to improve the environment and reduce emissions by 5 % by 2020.

8. Protect Private Health and Improve the Public Health and Hospital System

The Coalition will introduce local hospital boards staffed by local health experts. By preserving the private health rebate, the Coalition will help to take the strain off the public health system and reduce waiting times.

9. Help Growing Families To Get Ahead With Six Months Paid Parental Leave

This will give mothers the right to their full wage for six months so they can stay at home with their new baby and to support and strengthen young families when they most need help.

10. Provide Safer Neighbourhoods

The Coalition will work with local councils and Police to ensure that more crime-prone areas have closed circuit TV (CCTV).

11. Raise Standards in Education

The Coalition will work with the states to give principals the right to pay the best teachers more.

12. Restore Work-For-The-Dole and Mutual Obligation

The Coalition believes that working age people in good health should work preferably for a wage but, if not, for the dole. The Coalition will reverse Labor’s softening of mutual obligation requirements.


We will Not Bring Back Work Choices

We will not bring back AWAs. We will work within Labor’s Industrial Relations Framework to encourage greater productivity by bringing greater flexibility into the workplace to benefit both employees and employers.

Climate Change Needs To Be Addressed

We will take real action to reduce Australia’s carbon emissions without introducing a great big new tax. We will tackle land degradation issues and repair and restore our environment by establishing, within four years, a 15,000 strong permanent workforce dedicated to protecting our environment and adjusting to climate change.


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