Titjikala Shows Why It Is Tidy Town Winner For The Second Consecutive Year

Titjikala Shows Why It Is Tidy Town Winner For The Second Consecutive Year

Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles

Northern Territory Minister for Local Government and Community Services Bess Price

Titjikala Shines On Tidy Towns Stage

Victor P Taffa

Chief Minister Adam Giles and Local Government Minister Bess Price visited Titjikala today to join celebrations for the community’s second consecutive Tidy Towns win and announce a $266,000 grant to improve with rubbish collection across the region.





“It was a pleasure to travel to Titjikala to see firsthand the pride local people take in keeping their community tidy.” Chief Minister Adam Giles said.

“This is the second year in row Titjikala has taken out the Territory Tidy Towns award and they deserve a big congratulation for their efforts.”

“This community is an example to others right across the Territory and I wish them the best of luck in the national Tidy Towns finals in Tasmania in February.” Mr. Giles said.

In recognition of the MacDonnell Regional Council’s commitment to making its communities cleaner and safer for local residents, the Government has signed off on a $266,000 special purpose grant for the purchase of two new garbage trucks.

“The Council is gradually introducing compacting rubbish trucks in all its communities to minimise the space taken up by waste materials and keep communities tidy.” Local Government Minister Bess Price said.

NT Minister Local Government Bess Price

NT Minister for Local Government Bess Price









“Regular rubbish collection is something we take for granted in our major centres but it’s a service that many communities have never had.”

“This is another important step in giving residents pride in their community and that was certainly on display at today’s celebrations.” Mrs. Price said.

Titjikala is a proactive community that is also leading the way on alcohol management. In May this year, Titjikala’s Alcohol Management Plan (AMP) became the first in the NT (Northern Territory) to be approved by the Federal Government.

“This plan is an example of community and government working together to promote safety. It’s a local solution that has been developed with genuine engagement of the local community.” Mrs. Price said.

“For the community, an important part of this AMP was an agreement to remove the official no alcohol signage introduced during the Intervention.”

“Communities have long complained that these signs are demeaning and it is great to see the community design its own replacement sign with locally-driven messages about attitudes to grog.”

The message on these new signs is:

‘Welcome to Titjikala (Tapatjataka). We are Alcohol Free. Visitors Welcome. Residents of this Community are committed to respecting each other and the Community we live in. So please respect this beautiful Community, its standards and all who reside here.’

“This is exactly what we mean when talk about empowering local communities to make their own decisions and identify their own priorities. The people of Titjikala should be very proud of their efforts to make their community cleaner and safer.” Mr. Giles said.

“Titjikala is a community with a bright future ahead with the proposed Chandler Salt Mine located nearby. This multi-million dollar project has the potential to create many jobs for local people.”

“I urge the community to embrace this economic opportunity and break the crippling cycle of welfare dependency that has held aboriginal people back for so long.” Mr. Giles said.