Time To Pull The Plug….But Not Forever

Time To Pull The Plug….But Not Forever

New South Wales Election 26 March 2011

Victor P Taffa

The corrupt Rees/Keneally NSW Labor Party & Government for years on end and without respite engaged via the NSW Department of Health and NSW Police in a campaign of warfare and financial starvation against Editor Victor P Taffa.

The Party of Curtin, Chifley, Beazley Snr & Jnr, Beattie, McKell, Cahill and Wran is DEAD.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) owe me a measure of gratitude for my standing up for the continued employment of RailCorp Train Driver’s and Guard’s that were to be SACKED and the RailCorp Network dismantled.

The likes of certain Labor so-called Politicians will say that ‘He’s a Quitter’ however these same cowards have never done a day’s work in their lives.

Part of this campaign of harassment by the Labor Party included:

• Harassment From Immediate and Adjacent Neighbours;

• Theft of email contact lists;

• Spreading of malicious lies;

• Interference with Websites and I.T. Managers;

• Dislike of my support for the Monarchy;

• Stopping me from having sex with other people;

• Theft of Media and Personal items;

Not happy with these Politicians who could not handle questioning from me at Media Conferences ensured that Editor Victor P Taffa would NOT be a member of the Sydney or Canberra Press Galleries.

Rival Television Stations 9 and 10 in Sydney who I personally did not see as a rival harassed and assaulted me at NSW Police Media Conferences.

The Oil, Bus and Airline Industries will think if Editor Victor P Taffa never sits in a Parliament that Railway and Tramway Expansion is not going to ever occur.

How much do serving Politicians bow and scrape to their every need at the expense of sensible and badly needed Railway and Tramway Expansions?

Placement in a Psychiatric Hospital in 2003 and 2010 only occurred because of my support for Railway and Tramways and because of my Homosexuality.

The Labor Party chose at a time of their political choosing to place me in a Psychiatric Hospital twice after a deferred Ryde City Council Election in 2003 and 6 days after the South Australia and Tasmania State Elections in 2010.

The Labor Party is Homophobic, Corrupt, Bigoted and Racist against me personally.

Had the Labor Party been half smart over the years since first joining the NSW Liberal Party in 1982 than they could have tried being nice.

Instead the Politics of Greed, Envy and Class Ware Fare have been the tools of preference by the Labor Party.

Having to be forced to SELL YOUR OWN HOME by Labor is most reprehensible.

However Victor P Taffa is not Former Newcastle MP Bryce Gaudry or Griffith MP Kevin Rudd.

Labor simply could not stand having the record of the Scullin Labor Government being equalled so the Labor Party moved against Former Prime Minister Rudd so the Rudd Government could not be said to be the ‘First One Term Government Since Scullin To Lose An Election.’  The Scullin Labor Government was Elected in 1929 and defeated at the next Election in 1932.

Railway and Tramway Expansion is NOT a luxury but a necessity in what is the World’s Largest Island Continent.  Australia has both an ageing and a growing population.

Regional and Rural Australia deserve better connectivity than the Country Cart Tracks that people have to use.

People have every right to have the viable option of a Railway Service to every Capital and Major Regional City and a Rail Ferry to Tasmania. A Rail Ferry would also necessitate the reintroduction of a Passenger Railway Service to the Apple Isle.

Shame on the Labor Party who destroyed Tramway Services and has stood time and again against Railway Expansion.

Shame on the Labor Party for its targeting of Victor P Taffa over a 30 year time frame.

In 2011 New South Wales will be relieved of this pathetic excuse of a State Government and credibility may yet be restored to Public Administration in New South Wales.

While Victor P Taffa will not contest the NSW Election in 2011 this is not the end of the Line and the opponents of Railways and Tramways should never celebrate.