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Western Australia Minister for Planning John Day

State Government Launches South-West Industrial Land Study

Victor P Taffa

The State Government today launched a strategy that will guide the future of industrial land supply in the South-West region during the next 20 years.

Planning Minister John Day said the South West Region Industrial Land Study would provide valuable insight to ensure an optimum supply of suitable industrial land was readily available to meet long-term demand.

“While the region offers sufficient industrial land suitable for heavy, general and light industry to meet short-term demand, supply is expected to diminish in the medium to long-term.” Mr. Day said.





“To meet the expected increase in demand of industrial land in the South-West, the Government is taking a deliberate and strategic approach to ensure an adequate supply of appropriately zoned land into the future.”

“Considering the lead times required to bring this land to market, we are getting the ball rolling now.”

John Castrilli Bunbury MLA

John Castrilli Bunbury MLA








The study, launched in Bunbury by local member John Castrilli, would be conducted in three stages:

  •  Developing an in-depth understanding of the industries operating in the South-West and their future land needs during the next 20 years;
  • Reviewing the capacity of existing industrial estates to meet these land needs and identifying potential locations for further investigation to address the level of forecasted demand for the future;
  • Developing an Industrial Land Strategy for the South-West to facilitate the co-ordinated and timely delivery of industrial land to the market.

This is a joint initiative involving the departments of Planning, State Development and Agriculture and Food; LandCorp; and South West Development Commission.

“Getting the best information up-front will be crucial to the success of the study and the strategy developed as a result, which is why we are encouraging active involvement from business and the wider regional community.” the Minister said.

The final strategy is expected to be released mid-2011, following a public comment period.


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