Thousand Lakes Lodge Given A New Lease Of Life

Thousand Lakes Lodge Given A New Lease Of Life

Tasmania Premier Will Hodgman

Thousand Lakes Lodge Is Eco-Tourism At Its Best

Victor P Taffa

Rescue of a building set for demolition and its transformation into an eco-tourism resort is a great show of confidence in our award-winning tourism sector and supports our plan to become the eco-tourism capital of the world, Premier Will Hodgman said.

“Located in the World Heritage Area between the Walls of Jerusalem and the Great Lakes, Thousand Lakes Lodge (formerly Bernacchi Lodge) has been given new life by Tasmanian sporting identity Marcus Ambrose.” Premier Hodgman said.

“Eight jobs have been created and that’s projected to double as the business grows.”

“We supported the redevelopment with a $300,000 grant through the Jobs and Investment Fund, an initiative jointly funded by the Tasmanian and Federal Governments.”

“Our support enabled the project to be brought forward by 12 months.” Premier Hodgman said.


We are building Tasmania’s future by backing our competitive strengths and there is no better example than the Tourism industry it’s thriving, driving new confidence and investment and supporting local businesses and jobs.

$1.3 Million redevelopment represents not only a dramatic change of pace for Marcus but also a commitment to sustainable tourism in one of the State’s most precious natural areas.

“This year’s national tourism awards demonstrated Tasmania’s great strength in eco-tourism proving that we can balance the protection of our natural areas with a growing tourism industry.” Premier Hodgman said.