Thomson Dam Hits 50% Capacity

Thomson Dam Hits 50% Capacity

Victoria Minister for Water Peter Walsh

Storages Rising As Thomson Dam Hits 50 %

Victor P Taffa

Melbourne’s largest water storage, the Thomson Dam, is half full for the first time in more than seven years.

Water Minister Peter Walsh said the milestone marked a strong recovery for the dam which was last at 50 % in March 2005.

“The recovery of the Thomson has push Melbourne’s water storages to 63.1 % the highest level since February 1999.” Mr. Walsh said.

“Above average rainfall and the efforts of Melbournians to reduce their water consumption which averaged 139 litres per person a day during September has had a major impact in enabling the storage to recover.”


“Water efficiency has become part of Melbourne’s lifestyle, with the city’s homes, businesses and industry using less water under Stage 2 than they did under Stage 3.”

Mr. Walsh said the above average rainfall received this year and the recovery of the Thomson underlined the fact that Melbourne had abundant water supplies.

“More than 500 gigalitres of water runs off Melbourne’s streets into Port Philip and Westernport bays each year.”

“Despite years of Labor’s spin telling us otherwise, the city does have enough water to meet the challenges of climate change and population growth, but it hasn’t been utilised.”

Mr. Walsh said the Victorian Coalition Government was developing a plan under its Living Melbourne, Living Victoria policy to create a resilient water system that would provide the next major water augmentation for Melbourne and buffer against unexpected shortfalls in supply.

“Labor foolishly rejected our calls for stormwater harvesting and recycling when it was in government, labelling the idea a ‘half-baked proposal’.” Mr. Walsh said.

“Instead the Brumby Government signed Victorians up to a 150 gigalitre desalination plant that would not have been needed if they had undertaken the proper planning.”

“We have established a Ministerial Advisory Council which will soon report on how we can deliver the next major water augmentation for Melbourne. The Victorian Coalition Government is planning now to ensure that Victorians are not lumbered with more expensive and unnecessary infrastructure in the future.” Mr. Walsh said.