Thompsons Road Concrete Beams Now Into Place To Form The New Southern Bridge

Thompsons Road Concrete Beams Now Into Place To Form The New Southern Bridge

Victoria Acting Minister for Transport Infrastructure Jaala Pulford

Thompsons Road Upgrade Reaches New Heights

Victor P Taffa

Drivers in Melbourne’s south east are another step closer to better journeys on a duplicated Thompsons Road through Carrum and Cranbourne as the Andrews Government’s project forges ahead following several major construction milestones.

“We’re powering ahead with the Thompsons Road Upgrade removing the level crossing in the middle of the year and now getting on with the second bridge to open up more lanes and relieve congestion.” Acting Minister for Transport Infrastructure Jaala Pulford said.

“Fast-tracking the upgrade of this intersection will minimise disruptions to drivers, remove this notorious bottleneck and ensure when we’re done with the Thompsons Road Upgrade, we’re done for good.”

Construction crews working on the 10.7-km Thompsons Road duplication have finalised a mammoth task that involved lifting 21 concrete beams into place, forming the new southern bridge.

Second bridge over the Cranbourne railway line is a critical east-west connection for the growing south-east and the wider freight network.

Works program involved 31 team members working together day and night to successfully lift the 45 tonne reinforced bridge beams. To ensure the safety of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists as they travel through the site traffic controllers have registered more than 36,000 hours on the project to date.

“We know this has been a big disruption for locals and we thank them for their patience while we get on with the job of delivering this duplication and other key intersection improvements.” Member for Cranbourne Pauline Richards said.

Road and rail were separated for good at the Thompsons Road/Cranbourne rail line in June when the northern bridge was opened to traffic.

In another major boost for the local community, the Thompsons Road and Dandenong-Frankston Road intersection will be upgraded as part of the program and 3 years earlier than originally planned.

“Bringing the Frankston-Dandenong Road roundabout improvements forward by 3 years is a great outcome for our local community and ensures less disruption and a safer quicker journey for everyone.” Member for Carrum Sonya Kilkenny said.

Signals will be installed at the intersection to tackle queueing at the roundabout which can stretch up to 1.5 km along Dandenong-Frankston Road and more than 700 metres onto Thompsons Road during peak periods.

In the interim, newly installed line marking is making it easier for vehicles to turn right onto Dandenong-Frankston Road while improving traffic flow for the 60,000 vehicles which travel through the roundabout each day.

Project has made excellent progress over the last couple of months, with a number of local roads reopening to traffic on schedule including Lyndhurst Boulevard, Lesdon Avenue and Stoneleigh Road.

McCormicks Road intersection has also reopened with new traffic lights to better manage the flow of traffic in and out of Thompsons Roads.

Changes will provide better access for Sandhurst residents and those traveling to Sandhurst Golf Club.

Thompsons Road Upgrade duplication works are on track to be completed by mid-2019, with the Dandenong-Frankston Road intersection expected to open with traffic signals in early 2020.