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Youth Charged Over Tamworth Assault

A youth is due to appear in Tamworth Children’s Court today charged over the alleged assault of two males earlier this month.

An 18-year-old man was treated in Tamworth Hospital after he and a friend were allegedly accosted by three youths while walking in Arinya Street, Tamworth between 4 am and 4.30 am on Saturday 9 January.

The victim suffered serious injuries to his head and body including a fractured jaw, after allegedly being beaten with what is believed to be a golf club.

Yesterday, Tamworth Detectives made their third arrest in relation to this incident with a further 17-year-old youth being taken into custody.

The youth, from Tamworth, has been charged with robbery in company with wounding, and assault with intent to rob.

The youth was refused bail and will appear in Tamworth Children’s Court later today.

The arrest of this youth is the third in relation to this matter with all offenders responsible for this incident now being arrested and charged.


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