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Holiday-Makers Urged To Take Action To Prevent Marine-Related Thefts

Eden Water Police are urging holiday-makers to the Far South Coast to be alert and vigilant to reduce the possibility that they become victims of marine-related theft.

Acting Sergeant John Ziinos says the best way to prevent theft is to follow a few simple steps.

“Holiday-makers can defend themselves against this type of crime by becoming security conscious and following common sense crime prevention measures.” Acting Sgt. Ziinos said.

“Firstly, ensure that your fishing gear, including rods, reels, depth sounders and other related equipment, is stored or placed out-of-view whilst camping, staying in caravan parks, or at other holiday accommodation. Everyone needs to be aware of where they leave items whilst on holidays in an attempt to reduce marine-related thefts.”

“If you own or use a boat, remove fishing gear and other items from the vessel overnight and place them in a secure area. The best way to keep thieves from stealing property from boats is to not leave valuables aboard.”

“Most thefts occur because boat owners simply fail to remove items from boats, making them easy targets. Removing marine electronics, fishing tackle, and equipment from boats would eliminate the majority of thefts that occur in the marine environment.”

“Boat owners and fishermen should also mark all equipment, including rods, reels, and tackle boxes. Make sure you engrave the owner’s name and drivers’ licence details in a concealed area (on reel seat of fishing rods and under the reel seat on fishing reels).

“These identification numbers will assist police and other authorities in tracing stolen merchandise back to the owner.”

“Wherever possible, photograph or video tape the items, and also the interior and exterior of your vessel showing all installed equipment and additional gear or equipment. Date and sign the photographs and add any clarifying or identifying messages. You also need to store the photos in a safe place, not in the boat.”

“Make a complete inventory of your equipment and wherever possible, record relevant serial numbers. In the event of any type of loss, this information will prove invaluable in making a prompt, accurate report for police and insurance personnel.”

“This information can also be instrumental in assisting in recovering your goods or bringing the alleged offenders before the courts.”

“Following these few simple tips can minimise the risk of you becoming a victim of marine-related theft, and causing unwanted disruption and loss to your holiday.” Acting Sgt. Ziinos said.


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