The Uninspired And The Uninspiring

The Uninspired And The Uninspiring

South Australia Deputy Leader of the Opposition Mitch Williams

Rann Resigns – Well, Sort Of SA Now Has An Insipid Government On L-Plates

Victor P Taffa

With a lame duck Premier, a Premier-in-waiting and a divided Cabinet, South Australia now has an insipid Labor Government on L-plates.

“South Australia cannot afford as a state to have a Government and a Premier-in-waiting on L-plates.” Deputy Leader of the Opposition Mitch Williams said.

“Unfortunately for South Australians, Labor’s faceless Unionists and powerbrokers have delivered this dysfunctional situation to our state.”


“Lame duck Premier Mike Rann, who is holding the Government to ransom, has effectively told South Australians that Mr. Weatherill is not up to the job of Premier.”

“This is why Mr. Rann has said Mr. Weatherill needs mentoring, or L-plates.” Mr. Williams said.

“Mr. Rann’s own divided Labor Government has now confirmed it has no confidence in him as Premier, hence this slow motion assassination we’re seeing.”

“However, Mr. Weatherill has shown himself to be a weak and insipid alternative.”

  • He failed to assassinate Kevin Foley in last year’s embarrassing deputy leadership ballot
  • He failed to assassinate Mr. Rann by sending in Jack Snelling and a boy unionist
  • Once he had blood on his hands, he blinked and couldn’t finish off negotiations with Mr. Rann

“How does Mr. Weatherill seriously expect South Australians to trust him to negotiate the best deals for our state, especially when on radio this morning he couldn’t list any priorities for the future of South Australia under his stewardship?”

“Until last week, Mr. Rann obviously knew something about Mr. Weatherill that the rest of the state didn’t and that is he is weak, insipid and has no courage or conviction as the alternative Labor leader.” Mr. Williams said.

“Perhaps Mr. Rann has known all along that Mr. Weatherill wouldn’t be up to the job.”

“Not only that, but Labor’s biggest bungles have been supported by Mr. Weatherill South Australia will have a new clown, but it’s still the same Labor circus.” Mr. Williams said.