The Success Of Retailing Comes From Serving People’s Needs

The Success Of Retailing Comes From Serving People’s Needs

Tasmania Shadow Treasurer Peter Gutwein

Giddings Ignores Retail Recession

Victor P Taffa

Premier Lara Giddings response to the worsening Retail Recession defies belief.

“Not only is she pretending that there isn’t a problem, she is also refusing to talk to retailers who are doing it tough.” Shadow Treasurer Peter Gutwein said today.

“ABS figures released yesterday confirm that retail turnover has dropped every month for the past 13 months. There is absolutely no doubt that we are in a retail recession.  We know it, business knows it but Lara Giddings is ignoring it.”

“It is nothing short of weak and pathetic that Lara Giddings is now refusing to even talk to retailers about the crisis in response to the Australian Retailers’ Association’s calls for a meeting of Government and retailers.” Mr. Gutwein said.

“The Tasmanian Liberals believe we need to act to help our small business sector that is why we will introduce legislation when Parliament resumes supporting local business through a Local Benefits Test, to cut red tape, and to lower power prices by providing competition in the electricity market.”

“Tasmania’s economy relies on a healthy retail sector. There are 38,000 small businesses in Tasmania alone, many of them involved in retail.” Mr. Gutwein said.

“If the Premier and Treasurer are not even prepared to hear their concerns then it shows that she has completely lost touch with the community and the business community in particular.”

“Lara Giddings likes to talk the talk about being the tough Premier Tasmania needs, but when it comes time for her to walk the walk she can’t.” Mr. Gutwein said.

The Labor Party supports the closure of Retail Giant David Jones in Newcastle, New South Wales. If the Giddings Government were serious about the welfare of the Tasmanian Economy and the Retail Industry does the Government support Retail Giant David Jones in opening a Store in Hobart?