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Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Women’s Policy Kezia Purick

International Women’s Day

Victor P Taffa

International Women’s Day is an opportunity for all Territorians to celebrate the achievements and aspirations of women in our community.

Shadow Minister for Women’s Policy Kezia Purick said International Women’s Day is more than a symbolic acknowledgement of the role of women in society.

“It’s an opportunity to focus on broadening the reach of women into areas that men have traditionally dominated, such as encouraging young women to study science in school to allow participation into fields where women are historically not strong such as mining, agriculture and commercial fishing.” Ms. Purick said.

“It’s also a chance to support women on the land in Queensland, many of whom have suffered as a result of floods and Cyclone Yasi.”

“Working and living on the land is often a family affair and the role of women should not be understated.” Ms. Purick said.

“As well, it’s time to support women in remote areas who struggle against the ravages of alcohol and drug abuse in some communities and who are working so hard to look after their families.”

Ms. Purick called on women to stake a place in the Territory’s future by participating in the Statehood conventions later this year.

“The conventions are intended to be representative of the entire community and on that basis, given there are more women than men in the Territory, a majority of women at the convention would be appropriate.” Ms. Purick said.

There is discussion that there be certain laws allowed for Territories that gives the same standing for those laws as if they were passed by a State. Many people are overlooking the fact that this would be unconstitutional. States have a legal standing that Territories do not have and is why the Commonwealth has legal control over Territories. The only real way forward for The Northern Territory is for full Statehood and anything else would not stand up to scrutiny in the High Court.


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