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South Australia Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans

Will Cut To Apprentice Rebate Pay For Public Service Leave Entitlements?

Victor P Taffa

In the 2010/11 budget then Treasurer Kevin Foley announced a reduction in the public sector long service leave entitlement.

The saving was $30 Million per year.

On becoming Treasurer, Mr. Snelling advised the media he was:

“setting up an urgent process to make recommendations directly back to me before the end of the year on how best to provide incentives that recognise and retain experienced public sector workers.” (4 June 2011)

When asked in February 2012 for an update on the issue, the Treasurer said:

“I expect it to be dealt with in the context of this year’s budget.” (16 February 2012)


Today the Labor Government broke a 2010 election promise and announced the Payroll Tax rebate for employing apprentices and trainees will be cancelled saving the Government $30 Million per year.

The impact on employees is up to $1,440 per apprentice/trainee.

“This raises the question, are employers of apprentices and trainees paying the cost of the new public service entitlement?” Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans questioned.


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