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LDP Senate Candidate for Victoria Ross Currie 

Make Fat Tasmanian Greens Go On A Diet

Federal Election 21 August 2010

Victor P Taffa

Victorian Senate Candidate Ross Currie today called for the government to compel fat Tasmanian Greens to go on a diet.

“The Greens Policy is to ban advertising of fast food, on the grounds it is making people fat. We say the reason people are fat is because they choose to eat too much.” Mr. Currie said.



“Therefore we say, those who don’t mind food advertising should be free to eat what they like. Those who are unable to resist advertising and therefore cannot choose for themselves should also relinquish their choice over what they eat.”

“In other words, you can either choose for yourself, or have your choices made by others.” Mr. Currie said.

“The Liberal Democrats believe most people prefer to be free to make their own choices about what they and their children eat, including whom and what influences that choice. But we also acknowledge some people do not like making choices for themselves, and think everyone else is the same. The Tasmanian Greens, for example.”

“The Greens Policy is the Nanny State on Steroids. We think it’s time they were made Accountable.” Mr. Currie said.

For the record, the Liberal Democratic Party opposes restrictions on advertising as impositions on both free speech and free markets. It also regards proposed levies are merely taxes for the purposes of Social Engineering.

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