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Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett

Premier Colin Barnett Sets The Agenda

Victor P Taffa

  • Premier outlines parliamentary legislative priorities

Premier Colin Barnett today said the Prostitution Bill, the Integrity (Lobbyists) Bill, the Criminal Organisations Control Bill and introducing Sunday trading would be the legislative priorities as State Parliament resumed.

It was anticipated changes to the Retail Trading Hours Act, allowing major supermarkets and department stores to open from 11 am to 5 pm on Sundays, would commence in August, which would give retailers time to prepare.

“This is a long-running and divisive issue and this Government has given notice for a Bill to amend the Act so all Perth people can at last shop on Sundays.” Premier Barnett said.



Other major issues covered in the Premier’s Statement 2012 included calling on all Members of Parliament to be given a conscience vote on the Prostitution Bill and introducing an annual Repeal Day to remove obsolete Acts and irrelevant or superfluous boards and committees.

The Premier said the Prostitution Bill raised ethical and moral issues for all MPs and they should be free to vote according to conscience as Parliamentary Liberal Party members are free to do.

Premier Barnett said the State Government would also progress a Bill to rename Foundation Day to Western Australia Day, helping to broaden the relevance and appeal of the celebration of our State in June each year.

The Premier said the Government was committed to doing all it could to minimise cost of living issues facing families, particularly young families.

“This Government recognises that low income families are the group in the community that are feeling cost of living pressures more than most.” Premier Barnett said.

“The Liberal-National Government is looking at this issue carefully, with the view to targeting assistance at this group.”

“Our aim is to make Western Australia a better, fairer and safer place to live.”

Premier Barnett said many assistance measures had been introduced during the State Government’s first term. Many had been aimed at seniors; helping low-to-moderate income families become property owners; and assisting families with the Kids Sports initiative which paid fees enabling children to join sports club.

“Nevertheless, this Government recognises that increases in electricity prices, coupled with other cost of living pressures, are being felt by West Australians.” Premier Barnett said.

The Premier said Treasurer Christian Porter would announce details of a Future Fund as part of the forthcoming State Budget and introduce legislation to establish the fund later this year.

“The Liberal-National Government is committed to ensuring future generations of West Australians have a legacy from this historic period of development, built predominantly on the significant but finite resources available to us at present.” Premier Barnett said.


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