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South Australia Shadow Minister for Correctional Services Duncan McFetridge

Rankine – Resign Or Be Sacked

Victor P Taffa

Minister Rankine should resign or be sacked if she endeavoured to interfere with the Ombudsman’s investigation into the treatment of prisoners.

Following a report on prisoners being shackled, the Ombudsman is investigating whether any legislation, regulation or protocol covering prisoners was broken.

It is alleged Minister Rankine sought advice from the Crown Solicitor’s Office on whether Mr. Bingham could investigate the matter and planned to write to him saying it is beyond his powers to do so.

“The Ombudsman is required by to law to inquire into the fair administration of legislation but must be allowed to do this completely unhindered and not be lent on by a Minister for political purposes.” Shadow Minister for Correctional Services Duncan McFetridge said.

“The Ombudsman needs to undertake a full investigation as soon as possible and not be hindered in any way.”

“Minister Rankine has consistently claimed that no legislation had been broken and everything was above-board.” Mr. McFetridge said.

“If this is the case, what has she got to fear from the Ombudsman’s investigation into the Department’s conduct?”

“If the Minister has nothing to be scared of then why is she hiding behind Cabinet confidentiality and trying to stop the Ombudsman from doing his job?”

“Premier Weatherill needs to declare whether he supports the Minister, if he does not, he should sack Minister Rankine for what amounts to a gross abuse of power.” Mr. McFetridge said.


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