The Henderson Government Is Fast Running Out Of Credibility

The Henderson Government Is Fast Running Out Of Credibility

Adam Giles Braitling MLA

Matt Conlan Greatorex MLA

Robyn Lambley Araluen MLA

People Power Forces Change

Victor P Taffa

The Country Liberals have welcomed the additional $4.1 Million the Commonwealth will spend in a bid to stop escalating violence in Alice Springs.


The Members for Braitling, Greatorex and Araluen said the money will go some way towards addressing the problems that have rocked the town over the past few months, and will lay the foundations for more support into the future.

Member for Braitling, Adam Giles, said the Government’s response is a victory for people power after a sustained campaign by business operators and residents for action to address a tsunami of violent crime, break-ins and anti-social behaviour in the town.

“The People of Alice Springs have sent a very strong message to the Federal and Territory governments that something has to be done to curb the endemic violence in the town.” Mr. Giles said.

“The three-year, $1.35 Million expansion of the Gap Youth Centre is particularly welcome, especially with the increased focus on much-needed after-hours services.”

“The mutual responsibility focus, centred on 100 Work Gang places, provides opportunity for those in town to work for their income support.”

“This sends a clear message that if you are in town you have to earn or learn otherwise take part in a mutual obligation program and help clean up our town.” Mr. Giles said.

“This also provides an avenue towards getting real jobs while making it clear it is not acceptable to come to Alice Springs to party, to live it up on the dole and to drink and not work. It means people will be participants in our community and in our economy.”


Matt Conlan Greatorex MLA

Matt Conlan Greatorex MLA









“It’s important to note that reform and enforcement is required in policy, not just dollars for programs. The Henderson Government’s failure to enforce the Education Act and fine parents who don’t send their kids to school is an example.”

“While the $340,000 allocated for additional lighting in the town is not enough, it provides a platform for further improvements into the future and I would encourage Alice Springs Town Council to utilise these funds for greater private sector leverage to further improve lighting.” Mr. Giles said.

Member for Greatorex, Matt Conlan, said the extra money should now be backed up with an additional permanent Police presence in Alice Springs.

“The Government has committed to a short-term increase in the number of Police in the town, now it should follow up with the appointment of an extra 20 full time Officers.” Mr. Conlan said.

“It’s pleasing that the Commonwealth Government has listened to the community, despite the silence of the Member for Lingiari, who was last seen swanning about with the Prime Minister in the United States.” Mr. Conlan said.

Robyn Lambley Araluen MLA

Robyn Lambley Araluen MLA









Member for Araluen, Robyn Lambley said she will continue to pressure the Commonwealth and Territory governments for improved youth services and a more co-ordinated approach to delivery in Alice Springs.

“There are dozens of youth services and youth programs in the town, and it’s time for improved co-ordination and measures to boost efficiencies rather than supporting a mish-mash approach with major duplication and gaps.” Mrs. Lambley said.

“It’s also important that the Government consults with the community about how the additional money is spent so it brings maximum benefit to the community and targets real areas of need.” Mrs. Lambley said.