The Henderson Government Ignores Its Own

The Henderson Government Ignores Its Own

Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Arts & Museums Ross Bohlin

Museum Plan Requires Answers

Victor P Taffa

The Decision to use a Queensland Company to design and construct the proposed new Darwin Military Museum requires an explanation.

Shadow Minister for Arts and Museums, Ross Bohlin, said tender documents displayed on the Government’s web-site show the $10.945 Million Project has been awarded to Queensland company, TCS.

“The Government needs to explain why a Queensland company was preferred ahead of a Territory builder.” Mr. Bohlin said.

“It should also outline what public consultation will go into the final design process.”


“In an Australian context, the Territory has a unique World War Two Heritage and we are entitled to a say in the design of the museum that will ultimately showcase our history.” Mr. Bohlin said.

“Territorians are also entitled to know how public money is being spent and in the case of an $11 Million Museum Project, why the money isn’t staying in the Territory.”

“In the Northern Territory Museum and Art Gallery’s 10-year plan, the Defence Museum is costed at $10 Million. Minister for Arts and Museums, Gerry McCarthy, should explain why the project has already blown out by 10% without a scrap of work being done.”

“Gerry McCarthy owes Territorians an explanation.” Mr. Bohlin said.