The Health Minister Should Hand In Her Commission

The Health Minister Should Hand In Her Commission

Victor P Taffa

New South Wales Minister for Health Carmel Tebbutt should hand in her Commission or the next best thing would be is for Premier Kristina Keneally to Sack Carmel Tebbutt.

The only reason why Editor Victor P Taffa was placed in a Psychiatric Hospital in 2010 was due to the New South Wales Election that is to be held on 26 March 2011.

Editor Victor P Taffa announced the intention of contesting the Seat of Newcastle on 7 March 2010 in The Southern Thunderer.

The South Australia and Tasmania State Elections were held on 20 March 2010 and on 26 March 2010 the Labor Party decided to ‘Pounce’ and incarcerated Editor Victor P Taffa at Macquarie Hospital for 7 weeks.

After 7 weeks of incarceration at Macquarie Hospital Editor Victor P Taffa was ‘Blackmailed’ into signing a legally binding document called a Community Treatment Order (C.T.O). This is a legally binding document where the NSW Police can simply take you away at the drop of a hat. It was already known that Editor Victor P Taffa would not be signing a new C.T.O.

The Mental Health Act does not cover H.I.V. and similarly a C.T.O. does not recognise it.

This use of entrapment was to last for 6 months which expires on 13 November 2010. In a letter dated 3 November 2010 and received on 8 November 2010 the latest C.T.O. Hearing has been postponed until Friday 19 November 2010.

One of the conditions of the C.T.O. in May 2010 was to have a referring Psychiatric Doctor to go to upon Discharge.

The Albion Street Centre in May 2010 did not have a Psychiatric Doctor and as at 8 November 2010 still does not have a Psychiatric Doctor.

The fact that the focus is on C.T.O’s and Hearings shows how little that it has to do with the improvement in a Patient’s Healthcare. Rather it is the maintenance of a severely underfunded system and the entire stigma associated.

Premier Kristina Keneally has been able to announce that Former Premier Morris Iemma be named as the new South East Sydney Area Health Chief and yet the Albion Street Centre still does not have a Psychiatric Doctor.

The Labor Party wanted Editor Victor P Taffa incarcerated and yet would not engage a Psychiatric Doctor at Albion Street.


The fact is that the Labor Party does not want Editor Victor P Taffa from going to Victoria to cover the State Election on 27 November 2010 or contesting the Seat of Newcastle on 26 March 2011.

Without the shadow of a doubt the Labor Party has used every ounce and trick in the Mental Health Act to STOP Editor Victor P Taffa.

Not only does the Labor Party discriminate against Homosexuality but also those with a Mental Illness or if a person has H.I.V.

The fact that Editor Victor P Taffa has H.I.V. and Bipolar Disorder are being used as ‘Political Tools’ by the Labor Party on a daily basis. Editor Victor P Taffa does not get up each morning thinking that there are illnesses that he has.

The Labor Party who is in Government everywhere except Western Australia could put funding into H.I.V., Cancer, Bipolar Disorder and other illnesses instead of using them as ‘Political Weapons’ against Editor Victor P Taffa.

Western Australia is the only State/Territory to have an individual Minister for Mental Health.

For a Political Party so linked to the Catholic Church it is quite clear that there are many hypocrites in the Labor Party. Homosexuality is not a ‘Choice.’

Forcing people to sign C.T.O.’s or have to go to a particular Community Health Facility is NOT the way to make a person better. Entrapment and Coercion are tactics best left in Dictatorships and NOT a Democracy.

Editor Victor P Taffa will be going to Victoria and also contest the Seat of Newcastle in March 2011.

The O’Farrell/Stoner Government should include a Separate Minister for Mental Health and a Separate Minister for Railways. Both Mental Health and Railway & Tramway Expansion are severely underfunded and the Road and Rail Budget should be evenly split 50:50.

Railway Expansion can only help to bring down the Road Toll.

While things will not change overnight in New South Wales the Election of a Liberal/National Coalition in both Victoria and New South Wales can start to arrest the decline in Standards of Public Administration and improve basic services that all people so badly depend upon.

Clearly it would seem that the New South Wales Minister for Health Carmel Tebbutt is more concerned about saving her Seat of Marrickville at the 2011 State Election than improving the Health and Welfare of New South Wales Patients.

Given the bizarre approach of the Ryde Community Team Editor Victor P Taffa will be seeking legal advice.

Given what has occurred during 2010 Health Minister Carmel Tebbutt should resign.

New Mental Health Review Tribunal Letter

New Mental Health Review Tribunal Letter