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ACT Shadow Minister for Nature Conservation Vicki Dunne

ACT Greens Show Bizarre Hypocrisy

Victor P Taffa

The ACT Greens today showed bizarre hypocrisy by criticising the Canberra Liberals’ garden waste bins policy, according to ACT Shadow Nature Conservation Minister Vicki Dunne.

Mrs. Dunne said only months ago, Caroline Le Couteur was touting the benefits of a recycling approach which focuses on recovering and recycling materials.

“The Canberra Liberals’ green bin policy would achieve just this, by offsetting the cost of collection by selling the processed green waste as mulch.” Mrs. Dunne said.

“I’m very disappointed that the ACT Greens have criticised a strong environmental policy purely because it’s come from the Liberal Party.”

“In February, Ms. Le Couteur said that a third bin would be a good example of source separation recycling which is exactly what our policy does.” Mrs. Dunne said.


“But today, Ms. Le Couteur refused to give our green bins policy her support. This begs the obvious question of what’s changed in the space of a few months.”

“I’m sure many Greens supporters would be disappointed that the party will do whatever it takes to support this Labor Government even if it means selling out their environmental values.” Mrs. Dunne said.


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