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Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

A Strong 100 Day Plan To Build A Better Territory

Victor P Taffa

The Country Liberals have released a plan that will drive their first 100 days should they win Government on August 25.

Opposition Leader, Terry Mills, said the Country Liberals are ready to govern the Northern Territory.

“If elected on August 25th, my team and I will get straight down to work.” Mr. Mills said.

“We will take action immediately to make Territorians feel safe again; a good night out under a Country Liberals Government will be a safe night out.”

“The first thing I will do as Chief Minister of the Northern Territory will be to scrap the ineffective Banned Drinker Register.”

“This expensive $70 Million scheme simply does not work, drunks are still getting alcohol and crime has gone up not down since its implementation.” Mr. Mills said.

“The Country Liberals will punish those who break the law, not Territorians who do the right thing.”

“Day two of a Country Liberals Government will see 120 new Police on the beat positions advertised and the appointment of a Safe Streets Task Force to conduct a detailed analysis of crime in the Northern Territory.”

“A directive will also be given to open Nightcliff Police station 24 hours a day.” Mr. Mills said.

“Among the other immediate actions I will take in the first week of Government will be to; appoint an expert team to conduct an independent review of the Territory’s finances, move key workers on temporary contracts to permanent contracts and review the roles of all government spin doctors.”

“In the second week of a Country Liberals Government, Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) will be opened on Saturdays.” Mr. Mills said.

“We are committed to lowering the cost of living for Territorians, that’s why we’ll take immediate action to work with developers to deliver our 2000 new affordable homes for key workers.”

“In the second month of a Country Liberals Government, families will receive a $75 voucher to help with the costs of putting their children in sport.”

“On August 25 Territorians have a choice, between the Country Liberals who have a strong plan for a better future or four more years of the same lies and spin from Labor.” Mr. Mills said.


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