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New South Wales Shadow Treasurer and Manly MP Mike Baird

Memo To RTA: Don’t Tell Us About The Traffic, Fix It!

Victor P Taffa

The RTA (Roads and Traffic Authority) plans to spend around $400,000 installing a huge sign in Seaforth to advise motorists there is traffic ahead despite there being no alternate route to avoid the traffic, Manly MP Mike Baird said today.

“This is a crazy idea we don’t need the RTA to spend several thousand dollars telling us there’s traffic on the Spit we get that spend the money fixing the problem instead.” Mr. Baird said.

This week the RTA informed residents on Thursday 24 June it would start building a Permanent Variable Message Sign between 72 and 74 Frenchs Forest Road Seaforth, which would be due for completion by late August 2010.


“This enormous sign will span across two traffic lanes in suburban Seaforth and will cost several thousand dollars to tell motorists what they already know.”

“I will be calling on the Minister for Roads in Parliament next week to immediately halt plans to construct this sign and consider diverting the funds to fixing the traffic bottleneck at Seaforth roundabout.” Mr. Baird said.

“Once again the RTA has failed to consult the community on a proposal that is at best tinkering around the edges and at worst a complete waste of money.”

“If you’re travelling on Frenchs Forest Road to the city you can’t avoid the Spit Bridge so what is the point in a sign telling you there’s traffic on the Spit?”

“The RTA needs to demonstrate how this sign will help motorists and how it will alleviate traffic congestion before the taxpayer funds are spent.” Mr. Baird said.

“Several local residents have contacted my office this week expressing their bewilderment that the RTA would proceed with this sign in the absence of an alternate route.”

“We are appealing to the RTA’s commonsense spend the money fixing the problem, not on a sign stating the obvious.” Mr. Baird said.

Member for Manly Mike Baird is right on the money on this issue. During the halcyon days of the Wran Government then Roads Minister Laurie Brereton went around New South Wales putting up sign on the roads trumpeting the achievements of the Government which the signs also carried his signature. This idea of road signage must come straight out of the same manual.

Should the Keneally Government consider that the 26.1% swing in the Penrith By-Election was a blip then it will only be a matter of time before the Government is roundly defeated on 26 March 2011.


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