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ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja

Katy Sprung For Timesheet Legal Issues

Victor P Taffa

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher today revealed that she was involved in an Industrial Relations Commission case because of timesheet issues in her office.

Her most senior staff member tried to claim 800 hours of time off in lieu (TOIL) that they racked up under her watch, and the case was dropped because their timesheets were not in order.

ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja said today this is rank hypocrisy from the Chief Minister who ran a shameless Anna Bligh style smear campaign, all the while hiding details of serious administrative breaches of her own.

“Katy Gallagher allowed her staff member to rack up 800 hours in TOIL because she didn’t ensure their timesheets were maintained, yet she called the Opposition’s timesheet delays the “biggest scandal in Territory history.’” Mr. Seselja said today.


“This is rank hypocrisy and a reflection of Katy Gallagher’s true character. I publicly accepted responsibility for my office’s timesheet delays and rectified the situation. Katy Gallagher on the other hand did not see fit to mention that she was involved in an Industrial Relations Commission case over serious timesheet mismanagement until she was questioned about it today.”

“Katy Gallagher must now answer questions including:

  • How much did this case cost the taxpayer?
  • How did a staff member accrue almost six months TOIL under her watch?
  • Why this was never disclosed?

“It is blatantly clear why she refused to extend an audit to her own office, which she claimed in the Assembly ‘led the way in terms of adherence to timesheets within the building.’

“This is an issue which was very pertinent to the recent Assembly debate on office administration but Katy Gallagher deliberately covered it up. This comes on the back of revelations her Minister’s staff were overpaid in undocumented leave, which the Auditor General found amounted to “improperly obtaining a benefit to which the employee is not entitled,? and she still hasn’t revealed who the staff members and Ministers were.”

“Katy Gallagher not only had her smear campaign proven false, it is now clear that she has been covering up the far more serious administrative issues in her own office.” Mr. Seselja said.


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