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Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

A Tax On Everything

Victor P Taffa

Opposition Leader, Terry Mills, says the Country Liberals don’t support Labor’s carbon tax.

“It is a tax on business, families, freight, travel, power and the Northern Territory lifestyle.” Mr. Mills said.

“After guaranteeing he wouldn’t sign up to a carbon tax that left Territorians worse off, the Chief Minister rolled over and fell into line with Federal Labor and Julia Gillard.”

“Significantly, he was nowhere to be seen at today’s media event detailing the cost imposts of the tax.”

“The figures released by PowerWater and the Treasurer are smoke and mirrors and don’t properly reflect the impact of the tax on households.”Mr. Mills said.

“Thousands of Territory workers and families will be worse off because of the tax and no amount of creative accounting will hide that fact.”

“The Government’s figures are all over the shop.” Mr Mills said.

“The Government says the tax and CPI will cost the average Territory household about $225 a year.”

“That works out to be over 6% more for power every year.”

“The carbon tax is a dishonest tax. It was born out of a lie by the Prime Minister and perpetuated by the Chief Minister’s deceit.”Mr. Mills said.

“It is a bad tax for Australia but a terrible tax for the Territory.”

“Our key industries mining, tourism and pastoral will all be affected.”

“Territorians pay enough for goods and services as it is, without Government jacking up prices even more.”Mr. Mills said.


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