The Abuse Of The Mental Health System-A Means To An End

The Abuse Of The Mental Health System-A Means To An End

Community Treatment Orders (C.T.O.)

Victor P Taffa

Some People in the Labor Party are so deeply full of Bile, Hatred, Racism and Homophobia that it they will do everything in their Pathetic Power to STOP Victor P Taffa from living a normal life simply because of a longstanding support for Railway Expansion or contesting the 26 March 2011 Newcastle State Election.

One only has to look at what happened to Bryce Gaudry MP or Kevin Rudd MP.

Had Victor P Taffa been Heterosexual and of a different ethnicity then being twice admitted to Macquarie Psychiatric Hospital in 2003 and 2010 would never have occurred.

Despite all of this I still believe that there is a more powerful force on earth than any human being.

When Victor P Taffa publicly supported Railway Improvements in 1985 in a Media Article this effectively was the death knell of Liberal Party Pre-Selection hopes for the 1988 State Election.

Going back to 2007 the Labor Party did not like Victor P Taffa from driving a Taxi-Cab in Sydney because of support of Railway Expansion as contained in Not only was Victor P Taffa unable to Drive a Taxi due to Health Problems people were ‘leant on’ to ensure that this occurred and further more Doctors at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney made comments opposing such Political Ambitions.

The dirty games have never been a one off. Going back to the 1999 Ryde Local Government Elections there was exception to ideas for Railway Expansion and the then State Member for Ryde allegedly remarked that “You should run in a State Election as these are State issues.”

Somehow in the eyes of the New South Wales Police Victor P Taffa has been judged guilty going back to the 1999 Election.

Matters only got worse in 2002 when Victor P Taffa wrote a letter to then NSW Police Commissioner Ken Moroney asking if the existing laws pertaining to illicit drugs would be enforced outside of the Kings Cross Heroin Injecting Room.

It should be publicly noted that Victor P Taffa applied after this time to join the NSW Police and the first application was ignored and the second application rejected and then was pressured into selling the home that he lived in.

In 2003 Victor P Taffa was forcedly placed in Macquarie Hospital for 11 days. Who knows this could have been ‘Pay back.’

The delays in holding New South Wales Local Government Elections by the Carr Government were political games. Elections that should have been held in September 2003 were postponed until March 2004 all the while unbeknown to Victor P Taffa. Election material had been printed and partly distributed. The Local Government Election Terms were then extended until September 2004.

The website was launched in February 2009 and every I.T. Person has been subjected to Political Interference because the New South Wales Government opposes Railway Expansion.

Political Interference has continued at every turn with the establishment of The Southern Thunderer. Even the Theft of Media Equipment was a Pre-meditated attack. In December 2009 mysteriously went OFF-LINE.

The Southern Thunderer returned and even now people have been told NOT to advertise in The Southern Thunderer as a means of starving Victor P Taffa from earning an income. How can someone on a C.T.O. earn an income in any event?

Even when using a Male Chat-Line people have been cynically told that ‘He is only after votes.’ Somehow if Victor P Taffa met someone in a particular suburb for sex that ‘He is running in that Seat.’  These same very people oppose Victor P Taffa from ever sitting in a Parliament because somehow he will ‘convert people’ or He is unable to represent the majority of people ‘because homosexuals are in the minority.’

The media release published in announcing that Victor P Taffa would contest the Seat of Newcastle on 7 March 2010 obviously annoyed some people and after the coverage of the 20 March 2010 South Australia and Tasmania State Elections Victor P Taffa was placed in Macquarie Hospital against his will 1 Year to the 26 March 2011 NSW Election.

In order to be discharged from Macquarie Hospital after 7 weeks of misery Victor P Taffa was blackmailed into signing a COMMUNITY TREATMENT ORDER (C.T.O.) Nurses at the time remarked that ‘Your Notes showed that you were no worse than in 2003.’ On 13 May 2010 the Nursing Staff at the time said “You will only have to do this once.”

Now the Labor Government seeks to extend the C.T.O. which expires on 13 November 2010 as a means to stopping Victor P Taffa from contesting the seat of Newcastle on 26 March 2011.

The existing C.T.O. runs out on 13 November 2010 and a hearing is set down for:

Tuesday 9 November 2010 at Hearing Room 3, Mental Health Review Tribunal Building 40, Digby Road, Gladesville Hospital, Gladesville NSW 2111. (Enter via Punt Road) Commencing at 11.00 am.

I kindly ask that any person or friends or colleagues to attend if possible for Moral and Personal Support.

This whole process has taken a toll on me and my family and has been detrimental to my Mental Health rather than the supposed reverse of helping you.

I have contacted the Legal Aid Commission and they will be in contact with me to attend the Hearing. Any other Legal Representation in support of me is most welcome also.

Mental Health Review Tribunal Letter

Mental Health Review Tribunal Letter

The C.T.O. is being sought so as to restrict my ability to ever lead a normal life.












As a Qualified Journalist that would impact on my ability to go to Victoria to cover the 2010 State Election or contest the Seat of Newcastle in March 2011 or go to Western Australia and interview any of the Liberal/National Party Government Ministers.

The Oil Industry and the Labor Party do not want me in any Parliament or my Railway or Tramway Expansion Plans as contained in to be ever built.

The Labor Party do not want me to contest Newcastle as they hope that the Greens will not win the Seats of Balmain or Marrickville.

Dr. Virginia Furner at Albion Street Centre on Friday 5 November 2010 remarked “Victor your articles in The Southern Thunderer are very well written.” I replied that I could hardly require a C.T.O. and Dr. Furner agreed.

It should be noted that at all times I have attended doctor’s appointments and taken appropriate medication.

Had Sir Winston Churchill been locked up in a Psychiatric Hospital then Great Britain would have LOST World War II.

Does this mean that People will not add 1 cent to Mental Health but Ryde Hospital can run my life forever?

At least Western Australia has a Minister for Mental Health. If the New South Wales Government were so concerned with my health or Mental Health in general then they too would have a Minister for Mental Health and funds to match.

Had I been Heterosexual then some of the corrupt, bigoted, racist people in the Labor Party would never have targeted me. I never asked to be Homosexual. Homosexuality is not a ‘choice.’

How can a Person on a C.T.O. contest an Election?

What sought of Country do we live in?

Is this the price I have to pay for Labor to maintain its stranglehold on Government?

As I wrote after discharge from Macquarie Hospital in 2010 basically if you have a Mental Health Problem such as Bipolar Disorder then are basically treated as a Criminal.

Even if Barry O’Farrell becomes Premier of New South Wales tomorrow will my Mental Health Problems suddenly disappear?

Victor P Taffa has a lot more going for him than the cowards who have placed him in Macquarie Hospital in 2003 and 2010. To continue this charade of concern for his Health is quite obscene.

Northern Supplement To SMH 10 October 1985

Northern Supplement To SMH 10 October 1985