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Victor P Taffa

The majority of Australians trust the Australian Bureau of Statistics, a report released today found.



In an effort to provide national and international benchmarks on trust in official statistics, the ABS commissioned a survey to measure the public’s trust in the ABS and its statistics.

92% of those surveyed were found to trust or greatly trust the ABS.

“The survey’s results are extremely pleasing.”  Mr. Brian Pink, Australian Statistician said today.

“The report shows that the majority of Australians believe the ABS to be a valid and reliable organisation and that the community understand the importance in what the ABS does for Australia.” Mr. Pink said.

The survey, which was conducted in May and June this year, not only measured Australia’s trust in the ABS, but knowledge in what the ABS does and how the ABS compares to other organisations.

2,242 members of the general public and 137 academics, members of the media and economists around Australia participated in the survey. Results found that participants surveyed were most familiar with Census Australia.

The release of the Community Trust in ABS Statistics Survey coincides with the first World Statistics Day.

World Statistics Day celebrates the service provided by national and international statistical organisations, and hopes to help strengthen the awareness and trust of the public in Official Statistics.


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