Thanks Premier Brumby For Listening To Me

Thanks Premier Brumby For Listening To Me

Brumby Supports AFL Matches For Ballarat

Victor P Taffa

The Announcement by Premier Brumby to Host 4 AFL Matches Per Year in Ballarat is simply a carbon copy of an article written in The Southern Thunderer by Editor Victor P Taffa on 31 May 2010 entitled AFL For Newcastle: Bring It On.

This announcement by the Premier is also a Knee-Jerk reaction that NSW Labor Premier Kristina Keneally made for Government Backing of an Upgrade to the Homebush Showground Facility for the Greater Western Sydney AFL Team.

For many months Editor Victor P Taffa has been ridiculed by the Labor Party with the idea that Newcastle Hosts AFL for Premiership Points announcement.

Both announcements by Premiers’ Brumby and Keneally simply show that there is NO original thought from people in particular the Ballarat announcement.

The Date of 31 May 2010 is also significant because Editor Victor P Taffa was locked up by the Labor Party in Macquarie Psychiatric Hospital for 7 weeks between 26 March 2010 and 13 May 2010.

Editor Victor P Taffa was locked up in Macquarie Hospital for 7 weeks by the Labor Party for its own cheap, shabby political gain.

Premier Keneally made her own AFL announcement in an attempt to retain a shred of credibility.

The arrogance of the Labor Party in its hope to retain a stranglehold on Government throughout Australia is revolting and as with Premier Keneally’s Government the Brumby Government should be consigned to Opposition on 27 November 2010.

Decently minded Victorians deserve better and time in Opposition will not hurt the Labor Party.

Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu has many good Policies and despite what the Member for Niddrie says Ted Baillieu does not need to “Take a Bex and a Good Lie Down.”