Territorians Left High And Dry

Territorians Left High And Dry

Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

Half Finished Homework

Victor P Taffa

The decade-long wait for a Home Indemnity Insurance scheme continues, with the Labor Government now breaking its promise to introduce legislation into Parliament by the end of the year.

Opposition Leader, Terry Mills, said since the Labor Party promised to introduce home warranty insurance before the 2001 Election, there has been excuse after excuse as to why it hasn’t honoured this core election promise.

In the process, many Territory families have been left high-and-dry when the company they contracted to build their home collapsed.

“In the past 12 months, Augusto, Carey, Poretti and Brolga Home Builders have all failed to honour housing contracts in the Territory.” Mr. Mills said.

“Ordinary Territorians who had contracts with these businesses have been left out of pocket because Labor failed to honour election commitments it made before the 2001 and 2005 Elections.”

“The Government even passed Builder’s Licensing legislation in 2005 with provision for builder insurance to be introduced later, but never followed through.” Mr. Mills said.

“Under pressure from the Opposition after the collapse of Augusto, Carey, Poretti and Brolga, the Government finally relented and announced it would introduce legislation into the Parliament this year.”

“In August, Gerry McCarthy said: ‘We will bring legislation to this House by the end of the year’.

“Unfortunately, no such legislation has been introduced. Instead the Government has tabled a draft Bill as part of a community consultation process a discussion the Government has had a decade to commence.” Mr. Mills said.

“At least one person affected by the collapse of Brolga homes has left the Territory because of his disappointment at the lack of protection he was offered by the Government. As well, incredible strain has been placed on families affected by the insolvencies as well as suppliers and sub contractors.”

“The latest delay is intolerable and shows that instead of honouring its promise to introduce legislation, the Government has only half finished its homework. Territorians deserve better.” Mr. Mills said.