Tenders Now Open For Watarrka National Park Visitor Centre

Tenders Now Open For Watarrka National Park Visitor Centre

Northern Territory Minister for Parks and Wildlife Bess Price

Watarrka National Park Upgrades – Visitor Centre Tenders Open

Victor P Taffa

The Giles Government is excited to be delivering the most significant infrastructure spend our parks and reserves have ever seen.

Tenders are now open for the construction of a new, iconic shelter to house safety information and redesign signage relating to walking and heat safety at Watarrka National Park.

Work to realign the Rim Walk descent, including upgrade to the creek crossing track and the rehabilitation of the old track is also out for tender.

Completion of this project will lead all visitors past relevant safety information prior to starting any of the three canyon walks.

Minister for Parks and Wildlife Bess Nungarrayi Price said Watarrka National Park had so much to offer visitors, both local and international, so it was important that there was a visitor’s centre that could cater for everyone’s interests.

“These upgrades are designed to make our parks safer and more accessible through clear communication and physical upgrades, I look forward to watching the progress of these innovative upgrades.” Minister Price said.

“Watarrka National Park is a category one visitor park. This means that it is recognised as a significant driver of the regional tourism economy, and the standard of infrastructure should complement this.”

“The shelter project has been developed in close consultation with Traditional Owners (TO) through joint management. The TO has contributed to the development of the vision for the iconic shelter. TO have a genuine concern for the welfare of visitors to their country as well as a desire to impart knowledge that will help visitors understand more of the Park’s history and culture.” Minister Price said.

With over 255 000 visitors last financial year, Watarrka National Park is the second most visited National Park administered by Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Commission (PWCNT) and it seems likely that this level of visitation will increase in coming years.