Tenders For Fitzroy Water Open Until 23 February 2017

Tenders For Fitzroy Water Open Until 23 February 2017

Queensland Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Anthony Lynham

New Water Drives Agricultural Industry In Central Queensland (CQ)

Victor P Taffa

Central Queensland’s agricultural industry is set for a major boost with more than 50,000 megalitres of water to be made available for job-creating development.

Minister for State Development and Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Dr. Anthony Lynham told Parliament today that tenders would open this Friday, 2 December for up to 50,250 megalitres of unallocated water from the Fitzroy Basin. 

“This release of water is another demonstration of the Palaszczuk Government’s commitment to supporting the growth of Queensland’s agricultural industry.” Dr. Lynham said.

“Given the significant amount of demand for water in the Fitzroy Basin at least 75 % of the available water will be for agricultural purposes. Remaining unallocated water reserves will be considered for release if demand for water is unable to be met by this release process.”

“A variety of water licences for different categories of surface and ground water will be made available to suit the needs of water users from Nebo in the north down to Wandoan, and from Rockhampton west to Clermont.” Dr. Lynham said.

Surface water is being made available from unallocated general reserves in the Isaac Connors, Lower Mackenzie, Upper Dawson and Fitzroy sub-catchments, the Don and Dee Rivers and the Alma Creek water management area of the Fitzroy Basin Water Resource Plan area.

Groundwater is being made available in the Isaac Connors, Callide, Highlands, Carnarvon and Fitzroy groundwater management areas.

Dr. Lynham said water licences would include conditions to protect the environment and existing users’ access to water.

“Successful tenderers will be granted a water licence for a specified volume of water per annum.” Dr. Lynham said.

“The annual and daily volumes will ensure new water entitlements will not compromise the reliability of existing entitlements.”

Department of Natural Resources and Mines will hold public information sessions in the coming weeks in Central Queensland communities to provide information about the tender process.

Tenders for Fitzroy water close on 23 February 2017.