Tender Awarded For Darwin Flood Mitigation Detention Basin

Tender Awarded For Darwin Flood Mitigation Detention Basin

Northern Territory Minister for Infrastructure Planning and Logistics Nicole Manison

Tender Awarded For Flood Mitigation Detention Basin In Darwin

Victor P Taffa

Northern Territory Government is investing in safer communities, with a tender awarded for the construction of a stormwater detention basin as part of flood mitigation measures for Rapid Creek.

Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Nicole Manison said local company Sitzler Pty Ltd was successful in the $7,497,053 tender and that the project would create 46 direct local jobs, and more indirect jobs throughout the supply chain.

“This is important infrastructure to ensure our urban communities are safe in times of flooding.” Minister Manison said.

“We know flooding can be an issue in the Rapid Creek catchment when heavy rain combined with high tides causes flood water to back up into the Creek and flood low-lying properties.”

“Detention basin will be constructed on the corner of McMillans Road and Henry Wrigley Drive in Marrara and will help to reduce the impact of flooding on downstream properties.”

Project has been the subject of a number of environmental investigations, to manage the impact of the Rapid Creek ecosystem and the presence of trace concentrations of PFAS.

Northern Territory Government has undertaken testing in accordance with the National Environment Protection Measure (NEPM) guidelines, which has shown soils within this site to have low levels of PFAS present, significantly below the Health Based Guidance Values for PFAS. Management of excess soils from this project will be undertaken in accordance with independent environmental advice and endorsed by NTEPA.

Minister Manison said this important infrastructure was part of the Darwin Region Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee’s recommendations.

“Construction is expected to begin mid-2018, with excavation and bulk earthworks completed before the onset of the wet season.” Minister Manison said.

Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics will keep residents and the general public up to date on progress and traffic management, if required, on Henry Wrigley Drive and Abala Road as part of the project.


PFAS              Per-and Poly-Fluoralkyl Substances