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South Australia Shadow Minister for Education David Pisoni

Will Foley Cut Education Services To Pay For Wage Increase?

Victor P Taffa

SA Treasurer Kevin Foley must assure South Australians the pay increase awarded to teachers will not be financed by cuts to education services.

South Australia Shadow Education Minister David Pisoni said when teachers first entered into their wage negotiations two years ago Treasurer Foley told South Australians the state’s budget could not afford the 21 % increase teachers were asking for.

“South Australians trusted Kevin Foley when he told them his budget couldn’t afford to give teachers a 21 % pay rise.” Mr. Pisoni said.




“Now that teachers will be receiving up to 21.3 % the Treasurer must guarantee he will not finance the wage increase by cutting educational services.”

“The Rann Government’s inability to reach an agreement with teachers over the last two years has created great disharmony amongst teachers and parents.” Mr. Pisoni said.

The New South Wales Teachers Federation has been waging a campaign against the NSW Labor Government on teacher’s rates of pay.

The NSW Government is similarly making claims of: “We can’t afford to pay teachers more” however when NSW Minister for Education Verity Firth stands for re-election in her marginal seat of Balmain in March 2011 there is no doubt as with the South Australian Minister for Education the money for teachers pay increases will suddenly be found.


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