Taxi Service Survey Open Until 25 January 2015

Taxi Service Survey Open Until 25 January 2015

Northern Territory Minister for Transport Matt Conlan

Don’t Forget To Have Your Say On Taxi Service

Victor P Taffa

As the holiday season kicks in and with Christmas parties in full swing, Transport Minister Matt Conlan has reminded Territorians now is the time to have their say on taxi services in the Northern Territory.





“This is a busy time of the year when we all rely on taxis a bit more whether it’s going to the airport or returning home from a night out, so what better time to jump online and have your say about the service you receive.” Mr. Conlan said.

“It’s fair to say most people have a ‘taxi story’ and we want to hear about your experiences.”

“The survey covers taxis, mini-buses, private hire vehicles including limousines, motor omnibuses, courtesy vehicles, special passenger vehicles, special purpose vehicles and tourist vehicles and asks questions about safety, reliability and quality of services currently provided.” Mr. Conlan said.

“Since we released a position paper for public comment on proposed reforms to the industry in November we have had some terrific feedback with 162 people completing the survey so far.”

“What’s really fantastic is that we have strong representation from all industry participants, including drivers, operators and passengers.”

“Interim results show there is overwhelming support from both industry and passengers to remove the existing cap on the number of taxis licenced to operate in our major centres, and almost unanimous support for the development of a Code of Conduct which would apply to both industry and passengers.” Mr. Conlan said.

“Improving the quality and provision of training and communication assessment for taxi drivers and introducing a range of security measures has also gained support from respondents.”

“The proposed reforms will ensure we can offer opportunities for drivers and operators to help grow the industry, create more jobs for Territorians and build a more prosperous economy. I encourage all Territorians to have their say before the closing date of 25 January 2015.” Mr. Conlan said.