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Victoria Minister for Disability Services and Reform Mary Wooldridge

Taxi Reforms To Benefit People With Disability

Victor P Taffa

People with disability can look forward to a substantially improved taxi service following the release today of the Victorian Coalition Government’s response to the Taxi Industry Inquiry.

Minister for Disability Services and Reform Mary Wooldridge said the Government had accepted the majority of the Inquiry’s 139 final recommendations many of which would improve the way taxi services support people with disability.

People with disability will benefit from better taxi services as a result of changes that will:

  •  Improve training for drivers to assist people with disability
  • Allow more accessible and purpose-built taxis
  • Discourage wheelchair accessible taxis from undertaking non-wheelchair work
  • Introduce ‘talking’ taximeters to clearly communicate details of fares, and
  • Begin development of a new central booking service in metro areas to reduce wait times and provide more accurate booking information.

 The Government’s response also includes $3 Million for Wheelchair Accessible Taxis, with a subsidy of up to $44,000 for a new or replacement Wheelchair Accessible Taxi for taxi operators in regional or country zones.

Ms. Wooldridge said the Government’s response to the Inquiry would provide significant benefits for people living with disability.

“People with disability are frequent users of taxis in Victoria, but they regularly experience poor and unreliable service.” Ms. Wooldridge said.

“These reforms, as well as other targeted Government initiatives, will provide a safer, more reliable and accessible service for people with disability.”


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