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Tasmania’s 45th State Premier

Victor P Taffa

Given the way that Will Hodgman turned Tasmania around economically, Editor Victor P Taffa is sure that he would do a good job as Prime Minister of Australia.

Premier Will Hodgman should enter Federal Parliament and later serve as Prime Minister of Australia.

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State Parliament

William Edward Felix Hodgman served as the 45th Premier of Tasmania, following the footsteps of his father Michael Hodgman into the State Parliament.

Will Hodgman’s grandfather, father, and uncle have all served in the Parliament of Tasmania.

Will Hodgman was elected to the House of Assembly seat of Franklin in 2002 and served until 20 January 2020.

Will Hodgman became State Opposition Leader in 2006 and as Premier of Tasmania following the 2014 State Election. In March 2018 Will Hodgman was re-elected as Premier of Tasmania.

Will Hodgman was educated at The Hutchins School and the University of Tasmania, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws in 1993, and a Graduate Certificate in Legal Practice in 1994.


Will Hodgman is married to Nicola, and they have two sons, William and James, and a daughter, Lily.

Will Hodgman was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor in 1994. He was an associate of the Hobart law firm Wallace Wilkinson & Webster, before practising as a solicitor for the Wiltshire County Council in the United Kingdom for 15 months.

In the United Kingdom he acted as prosecutor and advocate for the Council in the County Courts and the High Court of Justice. He then returned to Wallace Wilkinson & Webster in 1998, and practised in criminal law and personal injuries until his election to State Parliament.

2018 State Election

At the 2018 election Will Hodgman personally received 27,184 first preference votes, the highest number ever for any candidate in a state election in Tasmania.

2014 State Election

At the 2014 State Election Will Hodgman topped the poll in Franklin, tallying 23,589 first preference votes on 35 % of the first preference vote. Total number of electors in Franklin was 74,189.

Will Hodgman is Tasmania’s seventh longest serving Premier.

Will Hodgman is one of the few Australian state politicians never to have spent a day on the backbench. He has spent his entire tenure in the House of Assembly as deputy opposition leader (2002–2006), opposition leader (2006–2014) and State Premier (2014–2020).

2010 State Election

Will Hodgman contested the 2010 State Election which resulted in a Hung Parliament. House of Assembly makeup was as follows:

Party               Seats

Labor               10

Liberal             10

Greens             5

Total               25

Before the election, the incumbent Premier David Bartlett said that the party who won the most votes should form government.

As the Liberal Party won the popular vote by just over 6,700 votes, Premier Bartlett and his caucus voted to give up power, and Premier Bartlett advised the Governor of Tasmania, Peter Underwood, to invite Will Hodgman to form a government.

However, Will Hodgman never approached the Greens before the writs were returned, and Premier Bartlett did not promise a Hodgman minority government would have a minimum period of support.

Faced with the prospect of a government being defeated at its first sitting, Governor Underwood recommissioned David Bartlett as State Premier and left it to the House of Assembly to determine whether Labor had enough support to govern.

Will Hodgman accused David Bartlett of going back on a promise not to topple a Liberal minority government.

2006 State Election

Will Hodgman was re-elected in the 2006 State Election receiving 21.98 % of first preferences, an increase compared to his previous vote of 12.37 % in the 2002 election. This is the third highest individual vote ever recorded in the seat of Franklin.

On 30 March 2006 Will Hodgman was unanimously elected as the leader of Tasmania’s Liberal Party, replacing Rene Hidding with Jeremy Rockliff as his deputy.

2002 State Election

Will Hodgman entered Parliament at the 2002 State Election in the electorate of Franklin and was elected to the role of deputy leader immediately afterwards.

On 14 January 2020, Will Hodgman announced his resignation as State Premier, and confirmed he would also leave the State Parliament. On 20 January 2020, Peter Gutwein was elected unopposed as State Liberal Leader.

Political Offices

Will Hodgman held the following political offices:

Tasmania State Opposition Leader 2006–2014

Premier of Tasmania 2014–2020

State Liberal Party Leader 2006–2020

State Member for Franklin 2002–2020

As well as serving as Premier, Hodgman has been Tasmania’s Attorney General, Minister for Justice, Minister for Tourism, Hospitality and Events, Minister for Trade, Minister for Parks, Minister for Heritage, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Minister for the Arts, Minister for Sport and Recreation, Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence and Minister for Advanced Manufacturing and Defence Industries.

Will Hodgman has held a number of shadow portfolios in his parliamentary career, including Treasury and Finance, Energy, Major Projects and Community Development, Tourism, Economic Development and the Arts.

Federal Member for Denison Michael Hodgman 1975-87









Mouth From The South

Media famously dubbed Michael Hodgman as “The Mouth From The South.” given his strong support on many issues and of his state of Tasmania.

Michael Hodgman

Will Hodgman’s father Michael was the Federal Member for Denison from 1975-87.

Federal seat of Denison was located in Tasmania and existed from 1903-2019. Federal seat of Denison was replaced in an electoral redistribution as the seat of Clark.

William Michael Hodgman AM QC served as Federal Minister for the Capital Territory from 1980–83.

Michael Hodgman also served in the Tasmanian Legislative Council from 1966–1974 as the Member for Huon.


AM                  Order of Australia

QC                  Queen’s Counsel


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