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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Energy Matthew Groom

Comparison Of Power Prices

Victor P Taffa

Today’s figures released by the Economic Regulator confirm that Tasmanians are paying too much for their electricity.

Anyone who argues otherwise is hopelessly out of touch, according to Shadow Minister for Energy Matthew Groom.

“Worse, as the Regulator has pointed out, this comparison does not take into account the fact that in every other state customers can access electricity at a cheaper rate than the standing offer making Tasmania’s prices comparatively even higher.” Mr. Groom said.

“Only the Liberals are offering a comprehensive energy policy which will deliver both short and longer terms power price relief by introducing full competition without breaking up the Hydro and handing back the unfair carbon tax to households and small businesses.”

“It’s also concerning that the report confirms that for the majority of Tasmanians, Aurora’s Pay As You Go option is more expensive than being on a standard tariff.” Mr. Groom said.


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