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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Energy Matthew Groom

We Need Protection From Giddings, Not Competition

Victor P Taffa

The fact that Victorian mums and dads can buy Hydro’s power cheaper than Tasmanians can shows what an absolute joke Lara Giddings’ claims are that we need to be ‘protected’ from competition, Shadow Minister for Energy Matthew Groom said today.

“Is this the sort of competition that Premier Lara Giddings said she wanted to protect us from?” Mr. Groom asked.

“It makes a mockery of her anti-competition stance and I would call on her Cabinet colleagues to try and talk some sense into her.”

“The Tasmanian Liberals believe that if we have a proper transition to a fully competitive market, underpinned by a regulatory price cap and overseen by the Economic Regulator, we could lower electricity prices for Tasmanian households and small business by up to 10 %.” Mr. Groom said.

“It is unbelievably paternalistic for the Premier to deny us a competitive market, especially when her own Government is already enjoying the benefits that competition brings.”

“The “Government knows best” position is not only offensive, it defies logic.” Mr. Groom said.


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