Tasmanians Cannot Eat Grass

Tasmanians Cannot Eat Grass

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Jeremy Rockliff

Bartlett’s Vision Fails To Deliver

Victor P Taffa

As the Food continues to tumble out of Tasmania Premier David Bartlett’s Food Bowl, the sheer incompetence of this Labor-Green Government has again been realised.

This time it’s in the form of an inaccurate, error-ridden brochure intended to promote and encourage investment to Tasmania.

“The Tasmania Delivers Agriculture Brochure, aimed at attracting famers and big agricultural business to the state incorrectly lists property on the North West Coast of the State valued at $13 Billion, while rainfall in the Midlands is listed as being higher than the North West Coast.” Tasmania Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Jeremy Rockliff said today.


“For years, this Government has been harping on about the importance of making Tasmania the Food Bowl of the nation, yet this embarrassing brochure is just further evidence of a Government that is so incompetent and so out of touch that it cannot even get a simple Brochure to encourage investment and jobs right.”

“It beggars belief as to why the Premier would try and attract interstate and international agricultural business with a rushed, inaccurate document that lacks credibility, when his Government is clearly struggling to connect with Tasmanian Farmers.” Mr. Rockliff said.

“Primary Industries in Tasmania is struggling. Tasmanian Exports of Dairy and Food has slumped, our vegetable processing industry is going through tough times, and many farmers are battling to make ends meet.”

“What farmers in Tasmania want is a far more concentrated effort from the Labor-Green Government in securing their future. If the Premier is going to make a big noise about attracting interstate or international farmers to Tasmania, he should, at the very least, be able to provide a simple document promoting Tasmania’s advantage that should be accurate without question.”

“A concern of mine for sometime has been the lack of focus due to a disjointed effort when it comes to Food Production and Food Marketing in Tasmania.” Mr. Rockliff said.

“This brochure highlights the complete and utter lack of communication between the marketing arm of food production in Tasmania, being the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, and the production arm of food in Tasmania, being the Department of Primary Industries.”

“This example of complete and utter incompetence is why Tasmania is going backwards in its economic activity and jobs growth.” Mr. Rockliff said.