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Tasmania Premier Will Hodgman

Bass Strait Freight Capacity Increases As Tasmania Achiever II Sets Sail

Victor P Taffa

Australia’s newest and biggest cargo ship, the Tasmanian Achiever II, was officially launched in Burnie, Premier Will Hodgman said.

Tasmanian Achiever II is the latest addition to Tasmania’s growing freight sector, and will increase Toll’s Bass Strait carrying capacity by 40 %.

Toll Group’s investment in Tasmania’s export future is also great recognition of the strength of our economy and export sector.

Tasmania Achiever II is part of Toll Group’s $311 Million investment in two new ships and wharf upgrades to Port of Burnie and Webb Dock in Melbourne.

“This investment will ensure not only that our world class produce can reach expanding markets both domestically and internationally, but that Tasmanian businesses and communities have another important link for inward goods.” Premier Hodgman said.


Roll-On Roll-Off Rail Ferry Across Bass Strait

Announcement by Premier Hodgman for an increase to Bass Strait Freight capacity is great news for Tasmania.

However, it is Airlines and Major Media Outlets who dictates Transport Policy throughout every State and Territory of Australia.

So much so that an Airline staff member assaulted Editor Victor P Taffa leaving him with physical and emotional injuries. This person was a neighbour of Editor Victor P Taffa.

People expects Editor Victor P Taffa to forget about it and pretend that assault is a normal way of life. Since the assault Editor Victor P Taffa has faced ongoing dirty games as a hint to keep quiet.

Emotional scars will heal when this thug faces a court of law in the State of New South Wales.

New South Wales statute of limitations is 7 years.

This thug has a violent past in another Commonwealth country.


Support For Law And Order

Editor Victor P Taffa strongly supports Law and Order and is how his parents raised him and how his school educated him. Previously Victor:

  • Applied to join the New South Wales Police,
  • Commenced studying SAB Law Course,
  • Has Law & Order and Legal Affairs Pages in The Southern Thunderer.

This thug is a violent person and had only moved in as a neighbour only relatively recently before he attacked Editor Victor P Taffa.

While this thug has since moved away, he has yet to face legal proceedings. This is a similar situation to what he did in another Commonwealth country. Assaulting biological mother of his son and then running away from legal proceedings by moving to Australia.

Only cowards ensure that there are no independent witnesses.


Major Media Outlets

Major Media Outlets since October 2009 have not liked The Southern Thunderer or Editor Victor P Taffa.

Sydney Radio Broadcasters who have been around for several decades were cheering when they heard of this news and have done everything to stop this thug from appearing before a court of law in the State of New South Wales.

Radio Station in question is sponsored by the same Airline that this thug works for. People have been told to keep quiet.



Japans World Famous Bullet Train

Types of Roll-On Roll-Off Rail Ferries used.










Capital City-Capital City High Speed Rail At 500 Km/h

Transport Policy is in the Dinosaur age and objection to Coal Fired Power will not only continue to cause power blackouts but stop Trains and Trams from operating.

With uncertainty in power generation one wonders how people expect electric cars to operate.

Objection to Coal Fired Power also delays introduction of Capital City-Capital City High Speed Rail at 500 Km/h.

Wind Mills cannot push any sort of Train or Tram.

Bass Strait Transport also requires a Roll-On Roll-Off Rail Ferry for:

  • Freight Trains
  • Capital City-Capital City High Speed Rail at 500 Km/h
  • Regional Trains
  • Suburban Trains
  • Tram Cars

Cost of a Roll-On Roll-Off Rail Ferry is about $500 Million or the same as a Freight or Car Ferry and would compliment existing Bass Strait services.


Export Opportunities

Roll-On Roll-Off Rail Ferry enables Rail and Tram rolling stock to be built lock, stock and barrel in Tasmania and then exported around the world and to the mainland.

One world order government is unhealthy for people.

South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania all stands to gain from a Roll-On Roll-Off Rail Ferry between the Williamstown Railway Line in Victoria and Devonport in Tasmania.

Roll-On Roll-Off Rail Ferries operate in Northern Italy and in New Zealand.

Tasmania has not operated a passenger train since 1978 and not everyone wants to catch a plane. People want choice of mode of transport.

At times of peak demand rail transport is vitally needed. Cloud Ash also affects airline operations.

  • Perth is the world’s most isolated Capital City,
  • Sydney-Melbourne Air Route is the 5th busiest in the world,
  • Australia is the world’s largest island continent.

Airlines currently has an unhealthy monopoly on transport in Australia.



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