Tasmania Unemployment Down To 6.4% December 2016

Tasmania Unemployment Down To 6.4% December 2016

Tasmania Treasurer Peter Gutwein

Unemployment Falls To 6.4%

Victor P Taffa

Tasmania’s unemployment rate has fallen to 6.4 %, with 225 new jobs created last month, Treasurer Peter Gutwein said.

ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) figures released today show since the March 2014 election, over 3,300 new jobs have been created in Tasmania.

Despite this good news, the Hodgman Government knows that not everyone is feeling the benefits of our growing economy, which is why we remain firmly focussed on supporting job creation as our number one priority.

“That is why we have implemented our $100 Million Northern Economic Stimulus, which will stimulate the Northern economy and create employment in the North and North West of the State.”

“No doubt Labor will be negative and look to talk down the economy however Tasmanians will remember that under Labor and the Greens, unemployment peaked at 8.6 % and 10,000 jobs was lost.” Treasurer Gutwein said.