Tasmania State Election 2018 Preview

Tasmania State Election 2018 Preview

Polling Day Saturday 3 March 2018

Voters To Consider Hodgman Government Achievements

Victor P Taffa

When Will Hodgman led the Liberal Party to a landslide victory in 2014 Tasmanians threw out the Labor-Greens Coalition and their chaotic policies.

Since the 2014 State Election the Hodgman Government has led the way with job creation.

Racing Industry has turned from Losses into Profits across all three racing codes. These being:

  • Thoroughbred Racing,
  • Harness Racing,
  • Greyhound Racing.

Hospitals have reduced waiting queues and the Tourism Industry is booming.

Tasmania would undo this good work and go backwards to what people threw out emphatically in 2014.

There are twenty-five members of the House of Assembly, with five members elected for each of the divisions using the Hare-Clark voting system of multi-member proportional representation. Members are elected for a term of up to 4 years.

5 House of Assembly Divisions are as follows:

  • Bass
  • Braddon
  • Denison
  • Franklin
  • Lyons

Makeup of the House of Assembly following the 2014 State Election was as follows:

House Of Assembly

Party                                    Seats Held

Labor                                       7

Liberal                                     15

Greens                                     3

Total Seats                        25


Legislative Council

Legislative Council elections are held in may each year on a rotating basis of the entire chamber that is re-elected.