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Victor P Taffa

The Tasmania State election has been fought on local issues however the Labor Party has two factors going against it. For the Bartlett Government to lose its majority Labor only requires 2 seats to fall. The other factor is the length of time that Labor has been on the Treasury benches. Labor won office in 1998 and has also the Hare Clark electoral system that favours minor parties. The Hare Clark system elects more than one member per House of Assembly seat.

Tasmania is divided into five electorates for Federal Parliament representation and in the State Parliament the same five electorates elect seven members.

The Tasmania Electorates are as follows:

  • Bass
  • Braddon
  • Denison
  • Franklin
  • Lyons

The makeup of the House of Assembly going into the election is as follows:

Seats Held

Labor                   14

Liberal                  7

Greens                  2

Total:                   25

The Legislative Council has 15 Members, each representing one of 15 electoral divisions. The boundaries of the current divisions were determined by the Legislative Council Redistribution Tribunal on 14 June 2008.Elections are conducted on a 6 year periodic cycle. Elections for 3 members are held in May one year, with elections for 2 members held in May the following year and so on. Voting is compulsory. Each elector may only have one opportunity to vote in Legislative Council elections once every 6 years.


The makeup of the Legislative Council is as follows:

Seats Held

Labor                    3

Liberal                  1

Independent       11

Total:                   15


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