Tasmania Small Business Must Be Supported

Tasmania Small Business Must Be Supported

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Small Business Adam Brooks

Devonport Council Supports Liberals Local Benefit Test Policy

Victor P Taffa

While the Tasmanian Liberals welcome news that the Devonport City Council will examine the feasibility of adopting our local benefit test, there is still a long way to go to ensure the future of hundreds of the state’s struggling small businesses.

“The Tasmanian Liberals’ local benefit test, announced in October, would see the implementation of a number of measures that would highlight the benefits to the local economy as part of determining the “best price” during a tender process.” Shadow Minister for small Business Adam Brooks said today.

“Contrary to the claims of the Labor-Green Government, it is perfectly possible and legal to implement this process.”

“The only thing that is stopping it from happening is the lack of leadership from the Labor-Green Government.” Mr. Brooks said.

“The North-West Coast has been hit hard recently. The closure of McCain vegetable processing plant, the Burnie Paper Mill and Tascot Templeton Carpets has seen more than 700 direct jobs lost, not to mention the indirect jobs lost as a consequence.”

“On top of that, the State Government announced last week that it would not renew existing contracts for Pure Foods Eggs and Tasmanian Meat Wholesalers, instead opting for mainland imports.” Mr. Brooks said.

“Tasmanian businesses can simply not afford to keep losing these vital contracts. They can no longer sit by and watch as Premier David Bartlett and his Labor-Green Government continue to fill the state’s food bowl with imported food.”

“While we welcome the Devonport City Council’s decision, this is only the start. The State Government must commit to adopting our local benefit test to ensure that Tasmanian businesses are given the best opportunity to remain viable during tough economic times.” Mr. Brooks said.