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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Small Business Adam Brooks

Local Benefits Test Needed For Government Tenders

Victor P Taffa

If Premier Lara Giddings was serious about helping Tasmanian companies to win government tenders she would adopt the Liberals long standing policy of a Local Benefits test, Shadow Minister for Small Business Adam Brooks said.

“This would require the government to take into account the wider economic and social value of buying from Tasmanian businesses. Instead Ms. Giddings seems content to fiddle around the edges of the current flawed system.”

“Despite her rhetoric, Lara Giddings is no friend to Tasmanian business. In October last year the Treasury Annual report revealed only 50 % of tenders awarded in 2010-11 by Treasurer Giddings’ department, went to Tasmanian businesses.” Mr. Brooks said.

“Instead of supporting local suppliers at a time of record low business confidence, only 5 out of 10 contracts from Treasury went to Tasmanian businesses, or $2.8 Million compared to $9 Million sent interstate. This was despite 24 bids being received from Tasmanian contractors.”

“Given her total lack of support for local business it is no wonder we have seen thousands of jobs lost under Ms Giddings’ watch, and that only 7 % of Tasmanian businesses believe the Green-Labor government is doing a good job.*”Mr. Brooks said.

“In contrast the Liberals Roadmap to Recovery and Growth is all about growing the economy, creating jobs and making Tasmanian businesses more competitive by reducing the cost of doing business.”

“A majority Hodgman Liberal government will not only introduce a local benefits test, we will also re-instate the Trainee and Apprentice Incentive Scheme, create a single state-wide planning scheme and slash red and Green tape.” Mr. Brooks said.

*SENSIS Business Index June 2012


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