Tasmania Seafood Industry In Danger Of Wipe Out

Tasmania Seafood Industry In Danger Of Wipe Out

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Jeremy Rockliff

Call For Moratorium On Seismic Testing

Victor P Taffa

The Tasmanian Liberals today reiterated our call for an immediate Moratorium on all seismic testing in Bass Strait over known Scallop Beds until the effects are fully understood, to ensure that this iconic Tasmanian Industry is not completely wiped out.

“Reports today that further seismic testing is scheduled to be carried out in Bass Strait early next year have the potential to seriously damage the already struggling Scallop Industry in Tasmania.” Tasmania Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Jeremy Rockliff said today.

“Speculation that two further tests are to be carried out between January and March begs the question, what exactly has Minister for Primary Industries been doing for the past month? Why has he failed to deliver, when he said he would?”

“In true Labor-Green style, Minister Green was the first person to come out and get his face on TV when the issue of seismic testing came to light in early November, yet since then he has remained silent while the industry continues to suffer.” Mr. Rockliff said.

“This further cruel blow to the Tasmanian Seafood Industry comes only days after an import ban were placed on Tasmanian Rock Lobsters entering China, leaving many of the State’s Fishermen with thousands of tonnes of produce, and nowhere to sell it.”

“Given that Mr. Green was clearly aware of the concerns previously expressed by scallop fishermen, he should be standing up for Tasmania and vigorously arguing that there should be no more seismic testing over known scallop beds until we know for sure that it is safe.” Mr. Rockliff said.

“The Minister can sit back and pledge his support to the Industry all he likes, but the cruel fact remains that Millions of Dollars of Produce is at risk of being damaged every day while the Minister fails to act.” Mr. Rockliff said.