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Tasmania Opposition Leader Will Hodgman

Real Change-Making Public Education Free Again

Victor P Taffa

Tasmania Opposition Leader Will Hodgman has announced that if elected on Saturday 20 March 2010 his Government will provide free travel for school students.

A Hodgman Liberal Government will provide the real change Tasmanians need by making public education free again. A government I lead will value education.

We have already announced that we will overhaul Tasmania Tomorrow, and committed to providing free bus travel to and from school for all school students.

Over recent years the basic right to a free education in Tasmania has been eroded by so-called “voluntary” general levies, of up to nearly $200 per year, per child.


A Hodgman Liberal Government will make public education free again in our Primary schools by abolishing general levies from 1 Jan 2011 – that’s next year.

We will invest sufficient funds into our public schools, rather than forcing parents to pay.

Schools will still be able to enrich their own curriculum with optional programs however the “voluntary” general levy will no longer be a burden on parents.

To ensure we maintain equity for parents of independent school children, we will provide more funding to independent schools, based on current funding formulas.

Combined with our policy of free bus fares, our plan for free education will save a family with two children in primary school over $1,000 per year.

The total cost of this policy is $12.5 Million over the forward estimates.

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