Tasmania Ranked In 4th Spot For Latest Commsec Report

Tasmania Ranked In 4th Spot For Latest Commsec Report

Tasmania Treasurer Peter Gutwein

CommSec Confirms Strong Employment And Population Growth

Victor P Taffa

Tasmania has cemented itself into 4th spot nationally in CommSec’s latest State of the States report, Treasurer Peter Gutwein said.

“This is further proof that the Hodgman Government’s long-term Plan is working. Since we were elected, 10,500 jobs have been created and industries like tourism, hospitality, retail, agriculture and building and construction have gone from strength to strength.” Treasurer Gutwein said.

Driving Tasmania’s solid performance is nation-leading growth in jobs. The CommSec Report states that:

Tasmania is now ranked third on unemployment as its 5.8 % jobless rate is 5.3 % below the “normal” (decade-average) of 6.1 %. Tasmania also has the strongest annual employment growth at 3.8 % the fastest growth in 2½ years.

Tasmania’s solid performance is also due to the best population growth rate in 6 years, with the Report saying:

“Tasmania’s annual population growth rose from 0.44 % to a near 6-year high of 0.58 % in the December quarter and was 3.6 % higher than its decade average.”

Overall, the Report says that Tasmania:

“…remains in fourth spot but is joined by Queensland. Tasmania is benefitting from rising population growth (fastest in 6 years), a solid market for established dwellings and an improving job market (strongest job growth in 2½ years).”

“There is much more to do. That’s why our Budget contains a $25 Million employment strategy to create more jobs and to help the economy continue growing.” Treasurer Gutwein said.