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Tasmania Shadow Treasurer Peter Gutwein

O’Byrne Spinning Out Of Control – 7.3% Unemployment Is Not “Stable”

Victor P Taffa

It’s time we had a Government that created jobs, not made excuses for losing them, according to Shadow Treasurer Peter Gutwein.

“Yesterday, David O’Byrne bizarrely tried to claim that everything was fine because the unemployment rate was “stable” at 7.3 %.”

“A 7.3 % unemployment rate is a disaster for Tasmania. It’s the highest rate in the nation. What planet is David O’Byrne living on?” Mr. Gutwein asked.

“It’s clear that the so-called economic development plan is not working and the Government should adopt the clear strategy outlined by the Liberals in our Roadmap to Recovery and Growth.”

“Our Roadmap will give the Tasmanian economy the shot in the arm that it so clearly needs, and will stimulate the economy and create jobs.” Mr. Gutwein said.


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