Tasmania Fights For Fair Share Of GST Receipts

Tasmania Fights For Fair Share Of GST Receipts

Tasmania Premier Will Hodgman

Tasmania Treasurer Peter Gutwein

Securing Tasmania’s Fair GST Share

Victor P Taffa

Tasmania State Government will not accept any outcome on the GST that is not in Tasmania’s best interests, Premier Will Hodgman said.

“Our position is rock solid and it is important to note that we have not yet ‘signed up’ to anything.”

“On face value, the Commonwealth Government’s proposal would leave Tasmania $112 Million better off, and that’s good for the State.” Premier Will Hodgman said.

Understandably, proposed changes to the GST distribution are complex and will be a matter of discussion and negotiation at the Council for Federal Financial Relations (‘Treasurers’ Conference’).

Our position at the Treasurers’ Conference will be that the Commonwealth Government must deliver on its proposed agreement, including:

  • That at a minimum over the period to 2026-27, Tasmania would be $112 Million better off in GST receipts than under the current arrangements;
  • Binding and enforceable guarantee that Tasmania will not be worse off under the proposed system compared to the current system in each year;
  • Guarantee that the additional funding provided by the Commonwealth Government will not diminish other grant revenue to the states.

TAS Treasurer Peter Gutwein









“Tasmania State Liberal Government maintains a very good working relationship with the Federal Liberal/National Coalition Government and looks forward to continuing our discussions at the Treasurers’ Conference to ensure a good deal is delivered for Tasmania.” Treasurer Gutwein said.



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